Many people want to make their website rank higher so that they get to have a good amount of audience. But before building backlinks, you need to know what a backlink is.

A backlink is created when an external website links with your website. These backlinks are a big piece of getting your site ranked. This is the reason that many people call these external backlinks.

Before getting into the heavy link-building strategy, you must ensure your website is ready for backlinks. But there is an ugly truth about link acquisition that you need to know: it is pretty costly and time-consuming.

To solve these two issues, you need to learn to get the most out of the backlink, and here are some ways in which you can accomplish the goal:

  • You need to have a website that is technically optimized.
  • The content on the website that you have needs to be valuable. The content on the website that you have needs to be helpful.
  1. Keep it relevant: Relevancy is the most essential criterion for effective link acquisition. There are three things on which Google bases its relevance, and these are:
  • The general content theme of the domain is linking.
  • The content is present on the page that has been linked.
  • Here are five rules that must be followed for quality backlinks, and these are the relevancy of the backlinks that are hitting the domain.
  1. Let authority sites be your friend: There is simple logic, and that is, the stronger the site, the better the results. Google does not update the Page Rank anymore, and that’s why you need to rely on some third-party metrics, and none of these tools are perfect. For getting your job done, they can work, and the best link analysis tools that can be used are Majestic, Ahrefs, and Open Site Explorer.
  2. Focus on the sites that are real and have real traffic: If you get backlinks from sites with natural traffic, you can solidify your tier one. Getting these backlinks is challenging for a person, but it is advantageous.
  3. Distribute the anchor text smartly: If you think you can distribute the anchor text of your backlinks just like that, think again because it can hurt you. If you do the wrong text distribution, it will simply inhibit your website from getting ranked. And yes, aggressive anchor text can get you in trouble and a penalty. So, keep your exact match anchor text below the percent of 1.
  4. Let the backlinks be in a clean neighborhood: You need to focus on getting the backlinks from sites with high standards. Examine everything on the website and ask these questions yourself: Are the outbound links relevant, what are the sites linking out to, and are the outbound links going to be on the trusted and respected sites? If you see ‘gambling’ or ‘Viagra’ or something like that on the sites, avoid those websites.

But what are foundational backlinks? These are the backlinks that help in improving the TrustRank of your website. If your site is more trustworthy, it will perform better in the search engine results. Now, how can you build foundational backlinks?

These backlinks create a layer of trust around the site, and this is because your site will have branded and unoptimized backlinks present on the authority sites. It would help to use the branded anchors or the naked links for the foundational backlinks.


First of all, secure all social media properties. Your business needs to have Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ (Personal and Business), Instagram, and LinkedIn (Personal and Business). You do not have to market on all the platforms actively, but it will not hurt much.

There is one platform that can get traffic and engagement to your website. Choose the one that works just perfectly for your business. So, make one platform your zone and get attention. Make these accounts pretty popular, and then share content to have a base.


Google uses business listings pretty much that it has become a part of the local search algorithm. This is enough for you to use for any SEO campaign, and the cool part about these listings is that 50% of these give you unoptimized and do-follow links.

These are one of the perfect ways to build a trust foundation. Google trusts these platforms and is aware that all businesses will use these.


Many directories are worthless, but some are important. The niche-targeted guides offer do-follow and relevant links. You can use some search strings to find these niche directories:

NICHE + directory, NICHE directories, NICHE + “submit site.”


Many SEOs prefer to skip out on these but do not neglect these. The niche-relevant blog comments that can be done for:

  • Creating relevancy around the site.
  • Diversifying the anchors in a meaningful way.
  • Improving the ratio of no-follow and do-follow backlinks.
  • Getting small amounts of traffic that’s relevant.
  • Building a relationship with the bloggers so you can ask for backlinks in the future.

You must comment meaningfully and give value so a real audience lands on your website.


It is excellent if you plan to participate in some industry forums because it can help you build brand recognition. You can drive some relevant referral traffic if you do it right. Some conferences allow signature backlinks, but many still will enable the profile backlinks.

The profile backlinks are valuable as they are usually do-follow and relevant. Here are some things that you must do so that you get more out of the forums:

  • Prospect for the relevant forums: You can use the search strings like (a) forum + NICHE and (b) NICHE + forum in Google to find relevant forums.
  • Take time to fill out your profile: Since the link you will have to go to is a naked link, you need co-occurrence, which is when your website’s target keywords are close to your connection. Write a legitimate profile description, and put your main keyword smartly.
  • Understand the forum etiquette: Every forum is different, and it has different ways of getting operated, which you need to learn. Scan the media and check whether the members can share the links in the thread.
  • Increase the count of posts and add friends: Trust in a forum can be built when you have more posts or friends, and more connections can send more internal links to your profile page. This will help in making the profile page authority.
  • Start a thread: For building credibility on any forum, starting well-thought-out threads is excellent. It can simply help in increasing amount of internal links that can hit your profile page. Your shared content will not get flamed or banned if you get a good reputation on any forum. You can be a part of the forum community, and the members will trust you more.

These things can be done to get foundational backlinks, which will gradually help your website rank higher on the search results.


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