Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing Services

A New Age Social Media Marketing Agency In the US

In this tech-savvy world, social media marketing has become an influential key in driving business success.

With the advancements in technology, social media marketing has become the single most essential element that can turn over the promotional and awareness game for small to medium businesses.

Your customers are waiting for you, and if you don’t reach out effectively, someone else will grab the opportunity.

However, it is a much trickier task than it sounds, and you will need to hand it to the professionals to deal with it professionally.

So meet DMA77, the best social media management agency you are looking for.

What Exactly Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, also known as SMM, is a part of digital marketing that includes leveraging the potential of social media platforms and sharing content, reaching a bigger audience, and achieving branding and marketing goals.

If you are looking for the best social media marketing strategies, then let DM77 handle your work.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Essential To Business?

With the widespread of internet technology, social media platforms are now available at everyone’s fingertips.

Through efficient and effective social media marketing strategies and services, a business can attract many potential clients, track its followers buying journeys and preferences, and increase sales through exact customer targeting strategies.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services

In a highly interactive and connected society made possible by the growing influence of social media marketing, the benefits of SMM for businesses are highly promising as well.

Be it Facebook social media marketing or any other platform. It is beneficial for increasing brand awareness by interacting with the audience, improving SERP visibility, fast-track conversion rates, satisfying customer needs through effective response, and curtailing marketing costs.

Our Social Media Management Emphasizes Your Brand On Each Channel Accordingly

Here, at DMA77, we know how businesses use social media for marketing and leverage the potential of all SMM platforms to create strong brand awareness and promote your business.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, our experienced social media marketing strategists will effectively emphasize your brand on every channel equally and accordingly.

Social Media Marketing and Management Platforms

DMA77 is a full-service SMM company that pays equal concentration to every SMM platform to ensure social media marketing success for all our clients.

We offer the following social media marketing management services:


Facebook is one of the most used and popular social media platforms in the entire world.

Our social media marketing providers use Facebook social media marketing to drive traffic on the business website, increase sales, advertise your campaigns, and gather user data to target more improvised promotional strategies.


If there is anything as popular and widely used as Facebook, then it is Instagram.

Here, at DMA77 social media management agency, we leverage the platform of Instagram to launch new products to a broader set audience globally and boost brand awareness.

Instagram is the platform where brands and customers can connect in a personal way and build credibility.


Linkedin is the best platform to grow your business professionally.

We make an effective social media marketing strategy for Linkedin that focuses on making business connections with other businesses and potential employees, driving higher website traffic, boosting leads, and sharing content.


Youtube is another popular and widely used social media platform that we include in our SMM strategy.

We leverage this platform by uploading company videos and reaching out to bigger audiences who are then redirected to our website for higher lead generation.


Twitter is another virtual platform that is targeted in our social media marketing and management strategies.

We create twitter marketing strategies around promoting and sharing business products and services to attract genuine traffic to your website.


For apparel, shoes, or any other possible fashion industry-related business, we also include Pinterest marketing in the Smm strategy.

We connect, and market blog posts and content offers on Pinterest through pinning visuals that direct the traffic onto the website.

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Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Agency

Your Potential Customers Are On Social On Social Media

In the recent technological turn, social media has completely taken over the traditional manners of banner marketing.

You need to market your brand and meet your audience on social media platforms following this turn of events. Your customers are already there.

All you have to do is reach out to them through effective social media marketing services.

Customers Are Searching Your Business On Social Media

When your customers hear about your business through word of mouth or any other way, they instantly hop on to social media platforms to know more about the company.

This is where you will get the chance to promote your brands, market your services, and create a strong awareness of your business message.

Let DMA’77 social media marketing company handle your social media presence.

People Are Talking About Your Brand

There will be a high chance of customers talking about your brand with a better social media presence.

In this social media age, your business can soon catch a trendy fire and spread in the market faster way than ever before.

This can only happen if you market effectively, and this is what DMA’77 can ensure for you.

You Want More Visibility Than Your Competitors

Social media has become a highly lucrative industry in the last couple of years. So if you want a better visibility index for your brand than your competitor’s in the market, market effectively on social media marketing, and you will achieve your goal.

Don’t know how to do that? Let DMA77 offer easy solutions for you at affordable prices.

Build Loyalty With Your Customers

Social media is highly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses, especially at the start of their journey, because it lets them connect at a far more personal level than traditional marketing.

With personal and exact targeting branding and promotional activities, you can build a loyal customer relationship.

This is what DMA’77 is here to handle for you.

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Our Social Media Marketing Process

Identify Platform

Here, at DMA’77, the first step to crafting any professional SMM strategy is to identify the business type and needs and then read and analyze social media platforms that enable success.

Define Objectives

We, here at DMA’77, believe that an efficient and effective social media marketing strategy is incomplete without clear objectives.

It can not be crafted or implemented without a clear end goal and objectives in mind.

Social Media Audit and Analysis

Before we can start making amendments and change the layout of a brand’s social media platforms, it is important to conduct a thorough audit and analysis of the already existing framework.

That way, we can have a clear directive regarding what to change and where to go.

Refine Social Brand

Then comes the highly important refining stage. Before we take a brand’s social media platforms into a new direction, we refine and clear all the previous posts and campaigns to start fresh.

This way, we give the audience a whole new personality from scratch.

Social Channels

We make social media marketing strategies keeping all the social channels in close consideration.

Then the content, graphics, and overall strategy are planned according to the needs and requirements of every channel differently.

Plan Content

Once we are done with clearing a directive, we move on to planning the content.

Social media marketing can not run effectively and obtain its objectives without efficient content.

Therefore, we ensure professional content to ensure that our social media marketing is achieving all its goals.

Manage Community

After the posts are made on social media platforms, we move on to community management.

This stage includes responding to the customers, listening to how the internet is reacting and interacting with the post, and participating in all the discussions in your posts.

Measure and Quantify

One of the most important stages in marketing and managing social media channels for a brand is measuring and quantifying the results of a post.

This stage includes measuring the reach and interaction of a post and defining the plan ahead of it accordingly.

Manage and Execute Plan

The final stage of implementing an impeccable social media marketing strategy is managing and executing the plan.

Once everything is planned out, it comes down to launching the campaigns, making the posts, and effectively managing the social media marketing calendar.

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Why Choose DMA’77 For Social Media Marketing?

DMA’77 provides the best social media marketing services because of being in the industry for years on end.

With the expertise of our professional social media marketing experts, we have been able to mark a name in the SMM industry of the USA.

We guarantee nothing less than excellence and impeccable results to our clients. So choose DMA’77 because we bring experience, skills, and excellence to the table.

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