You have been making strenuous efforts to grow your website, but the traffic numbers on your website say other things.

Clearly, something has to be corrected. Maybe you only have four or five-door opening floodgates?

But the question remains… what could be the cause for not getting traffic?

Fortunately, we are covering these aspects here. This post will show you legitimate possibilities of what is not working when you see your Google Analytics and how to improve for better traffic potential.

Let’s start.

Here are eight things that need to be addressed, which are clearly an indication of why your traffic is not what you expected.

Your SEO Game Is Weak

Understanding Google’s algorithm is important in 2022. Only the best of the best websites can emerge there.

This means that your content must be relevant and have keywords that are fulfilling the search intent. This is the beginning. There is more to assess when it comes to website traffic.

But there are several other crucial factors that need attention, including the configuration of an XML sitemap, the h1 tags, the optimization with search terms, and not using the black hat techniques that de-rank your website as a result of the penalty.

Without having this context, your chances of establishing yourself as an industry expert in search engines are slim. 

This brings us to our next point.

Your Backlink Profile Is Whack

Backlinks that are relevant play a key role in your search rankings. Google is very particular about the quality of the backlinks.

At a minimum, your domain can aim to have authority if, by any chance, your SEO resource is able to get backlinks from the best in the industry.

You publish three blog posts each week, but you really don’t have a content marketing strategy if you don’t know why that schedule makes sense.

Whether you’re looking for more traffic, growth on social media, Google rankings for specific keywords, or quality leads, you need to clearly define what you want your content to achieve and what your metrics are for success.

For that, you can make your goal. Now, how do you set a traffic goal?

Let’s say your goal is to double the number of monthly unique visitors in three months and let’s assume that most of your website traffic comes from ten existing blog posts.

Increasing your web traffic drastically might seem an exciting experience, but slow and steady wins the race for increased web traffic that’s sustainable and an intelligent approach to make visibility.

Once you’ve analyzed your domain’s current traffic from Google Analytics, next is goal setting for a realistic milestone to achieve with marketing efforts.

The truth is that one needs to consider the most important goal when making a website?

What exactly should be the goal and objective of a website?

Increase that number by no more than 20% each month – better yet, aim for 10%.

Marketing specialists have to drive traffic, engage prospects, generate leads, and re-engage existing customers.

Here, strategy is very important to know what type of content will attract the visitors. Once you’ve set your goals, several marketing strategies will help you for boosting traffic. Will likely have the greatest impact:

How to Increase Website Traffic

  • Implement a Strategic Increase in traffic with SEO Strategy with goal setting for each month
  • Use Paid Advertising
  • Leverage Video Marketing

. Webmasters– simplify and optimize content updates and website management.

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Your Target keywords are Out of your League:

It can take months or even years. There is a lot of groundwork for that, from guest blogs, high-quality infographics, profile submissions on listings, interviews, link-building activities, use of the tool SEMrush and LSI for 10x content creation.

However, if you target long-tailed keywords, it can bring some quick results.

What are exactly long-tail keywords?

These search terms contain more than 4-5 words, so there is a high chance of generating search traffic.

As an agency owner, where we deal with multiple websites, we recommend aiming for the long-tail keywords and simultaneously identifying the intent of the keyword using the tools SEMrush for targeting transactional and informational search queries for the best-performing pages on seed keywords.

For example, every time there is posting on a website, a strong copy and worthy piece of writing can ensure it is 10 times better than your competitors, one guest post per month (maybe even per week).

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You Spend Not Much In Promoting Enough

The 80/20 rule is very common for those who are interesting in the distribution of the content for branding? Well, this particularly applies to content marketing with an exceptional opportunity for online growth. 

Spend 80% on promotion, 20% on creation helps businesses to dominate their niche.

The best way to promote your content is with an industry influencer to gain some exposure for yourself. That’s why it’s perfect for content promotion.

The User Experience of Your Site Is Horrible.

If you do not get constant traffic, there is a good chance that this is due to the poor design of your site. UX stands for User Experience: This area of web design weaves critical logic to understand and plan for a user’s interaction with the website. For instance, usability, design, and navigation. The truth is, it’s about creating a great web design so that visitors can stay on the page.

If your site does not provide easy interaction with the user, nobody will want to visit it. They simply bounce to get the same information. They have other fast-loading sites where their query can be satisfied. Why would they?

That’s how important your user experience is.

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Driving traffic and reaching prospects due to marketing efforts is not just for the best performers like Forbes, Authority Nutrition, and TechCrunch.

Of course, it can be extremely strenuous and requires a lot of marketing efforts and strategic planning. But with a proper strategy and inbound specialists, you can also take actionable steps to increase lead generation.

You just have to master by taking some measures and performing site audits to increase site performance.

Immerse yourself in the resources we have provided on our website and see for yourself how they work for you.

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