Site Explorer and Link Checker
Site Explorer and Link Checker

Today, it’s very hard to find good software for your online business because so many are on the market, and you’re never sure which one you should take.

However, some of them have proven themselves extremely useful in internet entrepreneurs, and one of them is Ahrefs.

Analyze the links of any site – Improve your rankings

Ahrefs is a service that offers many tools that help you make your traffic better and your income larger. In addition, it provides you with the opportunity to beat the pages stealing your views and helps you outrank them.

To begin with, you should know that Ahrefs is very trustworthy. Some of the largest and most successful sites on the internet at one point used it: Facebook, Adobe, Linkedin, Netflix, Uber, eBay, Shopify, Tripadvisor, and so on.

It’s pretty impressive. So, what does Ahref do that made all of these famous pages buy their service?

Site Explorer by Ahrefs: Competitive Analysis Tool For SEO

You can analyze search traffic of people taking your views – organic search report. You get to know which particular keywords they use for their ranking and apply them to your site. And the database is astonishing: over 240 million keywords only for the US sites!

That service has a very good mechanism for making up keywords – keyword explorer. The huge database of 3 billion examples will each day choose those most fitting for you and suggest them based on your activity and content.

With this feature, you can also get to know the annual search volume trends, and you can get to know what each country puts into search bars of all kinds.

Has the best backlink tracker in the whole business – backlink data. This is because each day, at the same time, the company sends their “robot “to over 4 billion pages, and their database is being filled with new content four times per hour!

If you want, you can search for some site backlinks manually and see some useful SEO metrics. This is what the Site Explorer portion of Ahref is for.

When you’re out of ideas or want to make your content more appealing, you need this content explorer feature.

You enter any keyword and get to know the most popular content in your niche, what topics are most clicked on and what’s all of the buzzes about.

Also, you can see how much organic traffic comes for what content. There is also a feature called “Highlight unlinked domains, “which helps you to see all of the articles that mentioned the keyword you entered and which are not linked to you in any way.

You can check PC and mobile keywords and how they do each day based on clicks and location. Graphs of daily/weekly/monthly reports can be in your inbox whenever you want – rank tracker.

In the end, watching competitions has never been so easy. You can get a message when one of your competitors gets a backlink, loses one when any keywords related to you have been mentioned… You can track opportunities – alerts.

Also has a great customer support service, and there is a whole private group on Facebook that helps newbies.

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