Have you ever wondered what a dofollow link is and why it holds such significance in the world of SEO? Well, in simple terms, a dofollow link is a hyperlink that allows search engines to follow and crawl the linked website. Unlike its counterpart, the nofollow link, the dofollow link carries the potential to enhance a website’s search engine rankings. By understanding the importance of dofollow links and incorporating them into your SEO strategy, you can improve your website’s visibility, credibility, and ultimately drive more organic traffic. So, let’s delve into the world of dofollow links and uncover their true value in SEO.

What is a Dofollow Link?

A dofollow link is a type of hyperlink that allows search engines to follow the link and pass on the “link juice” or value to the linked website. It is called “dofollow” because it doesn’t contain the rel=”nofollow” attribute which instructs search engines not to follow the link. In simple terms, a dofollow link is a regular hyperlink that contributes to the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts of the linked website.

Definition of a Dofollow Link

A dofollow link is an HTML attribute that tells search engines to index a link and consider it as a ranking factor. When search engine crawlers come across a dofollow link, they not only visit the linked website but also pass on some of their authority and credibility to it. This helps the linked website to improve its search engine rankings and visibility.

Contrast with Nofollow Link

In contrast to dofollow links, nofollow links contain the rel=”nofollow” attribute. This attribute tells search engines not to follow the link or pass any authority or SEO value to the linked website. Nofollow links are commonly used for external links in user-generated content, such as comments or forum posts, to prevent spam and manipulation of search rankings. While nofollow links don’t contribute directly to SEO, they can still drive traffic and increase visibility if clicked on by users.

Importance of Dofollow Links for SEO

Dofollow links play a crucial role in improving a website’s SEO efforts. Here are some key reasons why dofollow links are important:

Enhanced Search Engine Ranking

One of the primary benefits of dofollow links is that they help improve search engine rankings. When reputable and authoritative websites link to your website with dofollow links, it signals to search engines that your site is trustworthy and relevant. This can positively impact your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and phrases.

Increased Organic Traffic

Dofollow links can also drive more organic traffic to your website. As search engines recognize the authority and relevance of the websites linking to you, they are more likely to display your website in search results. When users see your website prominently featured in search results, they are more likely to click on the link and visit your website, leading to an increase in organic traffic.

Improved Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric that indicates the credibility and trustworthiness of a website in the eyes of search engines. Dofollow links from high-authority websites can significantly impact your website’s domain authority. When search engines see that reputable websites are linking to your site, they view it as a sign of quality and authority, which can lead to an increase in your own domain authority.

Boosting PageRank

PageRank is a calculation used by Google to evaluate the importance and relevance of web pages. Dofollow links contribute to a website’s PageRank by passing on link equity. When high-quality websites link to your pages with dofollow links, it can positively impact your PageRank, making your pages more competitive in search rankings.

Building Natural Backlinks

Dofollow links are an essential component of building natural backlinks, also known as inbound links or incoming links. Natural backlinks are links that other websites voluntarily create to link to your content because they find it valuable, informative, or interesting. By creating high-quality content and acquiring dofollow links from reputable sources, you can attract more natural backlinks, further enhancing your SEO efforts.

Credibility and Trustworthiness

Dofollow links serve as a vote of confidence for your website. When other trusted websites link to your content with dofollow links, it demonstrates that your website is credible, trustworthy, and worth recommending. This association with reputable websites can have a positive influence on visitors’ perceptions of your website, leading to increased credibility and trustworthiness.

How to Identify Dofollow and Nofollow Links

It is essential to be able to identify and distinguish between dofollow and nofollow links. Here are two common methods to identify them:

Inspecting HTML Source Code

To determine if a link is dofollow or nofollow, you can inspect the HTML source code of a web page. Right-click on a web page and select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element.” This will open the browser’s developer tools, showing the HTML code of the page. Look for the anchor tag () that represents the link you want to check. If the anchor tag includes the rel=”nofollow” attribute, it is a nofollow link. If the attribute is absent, it is a dofollow link.

Using Browser Extensions or Plugins

Another convenient way to identify dofollow and nofollow links is by using browser extensions or plugins. Various SEO tools and browser extensions, such as MozBar, SEOquake, and LinkResearchTools, provide features that highlight dofollow and nofollow links when browsing websites. These tools make it easy to differentiate between the two types of links without inspecting the HTML source code manually.

The Role of Dofollow Links in Link Building Strategies

Dofollow links play a critical role in effective link building strategies. Here are two key aspects in which dofollow links are involved:

Increased Link Equity

Dofollow links contribute to increasing link equity, also known as link juice. When a webpage receives a dofollow link from another website, it passes on a portion of its authority, relevance, and trust to the linked webpage. The more high-quality dofollow links a webpage has, the more link equity it accumulates. This link equity can positively impact the webpage’s search engine rankings and visibility.

Building a Diverse Link Profile

A diverse link profile is essential for a healthy and natural link building strategy. Dofollow links from different sources, such as industry-related websites, reputable blogs, and authority sites, help create a diverse link profile. This diversity showcases the website’s relevance and credibility to search engines. By leveraging dofollow links from various sources, you can ensure a well-rounded link profile that adds value to your SEO efforts.

Factors Affecting Dofollow Link Value

Not all dofollow links carry the same weight in terms of SEO value. Several factors influence the importance and impact of dofollow links. Consider these factors to maximize the value of dofollow links:

Relevance and Authority of the Linking Site

The relevance and authority of the website linking to your website greatly influence the value of dofollow links. When reputable and authoritative websites within your industry or niche link to your content, it signals to search engines that your website is relevant and trustworthy. Aim to acquire dofollow links from websites that have a strong reputation and are related to your website’s topic or industry.

Anchor Text Optimization

The anchor text, or clickable text, used in a dofollow link plays a crucial role in determining its value. Optimizing the anchor text with relevant keywords helps search engines understand the context and relevance of the linked content. However, it is essential to maintain a natural and diverse mix of anchor text to avoid over-optimization, which can result in penalties from search engines.

Link Placement within Content

The placement of a dofollow link within the content can impact its value. Links placed within the body of the content generally carry more weight than links placed in the footer, sidebar, or navigation menu. Search engines consider contextual links as more valuable because they indicate a stronger relationship between the content being linked and the content hosting the link.

Link Attributes and Attributes Decay

While dofollow links pass on link equity initially, it is important to note that the value of a link can gradually decay over time. Factors such as updates to search engine algorithms, changes in the linking website’s authority, or the addition of new competing links can affect the impact of a dofollow link. It is crucial to regularly monitor and maintain a healthy link profile to ensure continued SEO benefits from dofollow links.

Best Practices for Earning Dofollow Links

To effectively earn dofollow links, consider implementing the following best practices:

Producing High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality and valuable content is one of the most effective ways to attract dofollow links. When you consistently publish informative, well-researched, and engaging content, it increases the chances of other websites linking to your site as a reputable source of information. Focus on producing original and unique content that offers a fresh perspective or solves a problem for your target audience.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging involves writing and publishing articles on other websites within your industry or niche. By guest blogging on reputable websites, you can earn dofollow links back to your own website. When submitting guest posts, ensure that the content is relevant, well-written, and provides value to the readers. Use the author bio or an in-content link to direct readers back to your website.

Participating in Online Communities

Engaging in online communities, such as forums, industry-specific groups, or social media platforms, can provide opportunities to earn dofollow links. Share your expertise, answer questions, and be an active participant in discussions. When appropriate, include links to relevant content on your website that can provide more in-depth information. However, always follow the community’s guidelines and avoid self-promotion if it is not permitted.

Influencer and Blogger Outreach

Reaching out to influencers and bloggers within your industry or niche can be an effective way to earn dofollow links. Collaborate with influencers to create valuable content, such as interviews, expert roundups, or product reviews, that they can share on their websites and social media channels. These collaborations can result in dofollow links from their websites, increasing your visibility and authority.

Creating Infographics

Infographics are visually appealing and informative content pieces that can attract dofollow links. Create visually compelling infographics that present valuable data or insights related to your industry. When shared on other websites, infographics often accompany dofollow links back to the source of the content. Promote your infographics through outreach efforts to increase their visibility and earn more dofollow links.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building involves finding broken dofollow links on other websites and offering alternative resources from your own website. Identify relevant websites within your industry or niche that have broken links and reach out to the website owner or webmaster. Offer your own content as a replacement for the broken link, providing value to the website owner while earning a dofollow link in the process.

Social Media Engagement

Engaging with your target audience and sharing valuable content on social media platforms can indirectly lead to earning dofollow links. When your content resonates with social media users, they may share it on their own websites or blogs, including dofollow links back to your content. Actively participate in social media discussions, share industry insights, and encourage social sharing of your content to drive more dofollow links.

Dofollow vs. Nofollow: Pros and Cons

While dofollow and nofollow links both have their advantages and disadvantages, it is crucial to understand their respective pros and cons:

Advantages of Dofollow Links

  • Dofollow links directly contribute to search engine optimization efforts and can improve search engine rankings.
  • Dofollow links can increase organic traffic to your website, leading to higher visibility and potential conversions.
  • Dofollow links from reputable and authoritative websites enhance your own domain authority and credibility.
  • Dofollow links can help build natural backlinks, further strengthening your website’s SEO profile.

Disadvantages of Dofollow Links

  • Acquiring high-quality dofollow links can be challenging and time-consuming, requiring significant effort and outreach.
  • Poorly optimized dofollow links or spammy link building strategies can result in penalties from search engines.
  • Dofollow links alone may not guarantee increased website traffic or conversions if the linked content is not valuable or relevant.

Advantages of Nofollow Links

  • Nofollow links can still drive traffic to your website if clicked on by users.
  • Nofollow links help prevent spam and manipulation of search engine rankings in user-generated content.
  • Nofollow links from reputable websites can still enhance your website’s visibility and exposure.

Disadvantages of Nofollow Links

  • Nofollow links do not pass on link equity or directly contribute to improving search engine rankings.
  • Nofollow links have limited impact on your website’s domain authority and credibility.
  • Over-reliance on nofollow links can result in an imbalanced and incomplete link profile.

Potential Risks and Penalties Associated with Dofollow Links

While dofollow links are essential for SEO, it is crucial to be aware of the potential risks and penalties associated with their misuse:

Link Spamming and Manipulation

Engaging in link spamming practices, such as buying or selling dofollow links, participating in link farms, or using automated link building tools, can lead to severe penalties from search engines. These black-hat SEO tactics attempt to manipulate search engine rankings and violate search engine guidelines. Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms to detect and penalize these manipulative practices.

Google Penguin Algorithm Penalty

Google Penguin is an algorithm that specifically targets manipulative link building practices. If your website is found to have an unnatural or excessive number of low-quality dofollow links, it can incur a penalty from the Google Penguin algorithm. A Penguin penalty can significantly impact your search engine rankings and visibility, making it crucial to maintain a high-quality and natural link profile.

Unnatural or Irrelevant Link Profiles

Search engines evaluate the relevance and naturalness of a website’s link profile. Having an unnatural or irrelevant link profile, characterized by an excessive number of irrelevant or low-quality dofollow links, can negatively impact your website’s SEO. It is important to focus on acquiring dofollow links from authoritative and relevant sources to avoid penalties and maintain a healthy link profile.

Effective Dofollow Link Building Techniques

To build an effective dofollow link profile, consider implementing the following techniques:

Guest Posting on High-Quality Websites

Guest posting on high-quality websites within your industry is a reliable approach to earning dofollow links. Identify reputable websites that accept guest posts and contribute valuable articles that align with their audience’s interests. Optimize your author bio or in-content links to direct readers back to your website, ensuring you adhere to their guidelines and provide relevant and valuable content.

Editorial Link Building

Editorial link building involves creating exceptional content that naturally attracts dofollow links from authoritative websites. Focus on producing in-depth articles, research-backed studies, or original data that adds value to your industry or niche. Promote your content through various channels, such as social media and email outreach, increasing the likelihood of influential websites linking to your valuable content.

Resource Link Building

Resource link building involves creating comprehensive and valuable resources that other websites would want to link to as references. For example, you can create a detailed industry guide, a curated list of tools or resources, or an informative infographic. Reach out to websites within your industry and offer your resource as a valuable addition to their content, potentially earning dofollow links in return.

Competitor Backlink Analysis

Analyze the backlink profiles of your competitors to identify potential dofollow link opportunities. Identify websites that link to your competitors and reach out to them, offering your own content as a relevant and valuable resource. By targeting websites already linking to similar content, you increase the chances of acquiring dofollow links and positioning yourself as a credible alternative.

Building Relationships with Influencers

Developing relationships with influencers in your industry or niche can lead to valuable dofollow links. Engage with influencers through social media, commenting on their content, and sharing their work. Once you establish a rapport, collaborate on content projects, interviews, or guest blogging opportunities. Influencers often provide dofollow links in exchanged content, benefiting both parties.

Creating Link-Worthy Content

The creation of link-worthy content is essential to attract dofollow links naturally. Focus on producing content that is unique, informative, and provides a fresh perspective. Conduct original research, publish case studies, or create comprehensive guides that address common challenges or questions within your industry. The more valuable and shareable your content, the higher the chances of earning quality dofollow links.


Dofollow links are a valuable asset in any SEO strategy. They contribute to enhanced search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, improved domain authority, and the establishment of a credible online presence. By understanding the importance of dofollow links and implementing effective link building strategies, you can maximize the SEO benefits they provide. Combine high-quality content creation, outreach efforts, and ethical link acquisition practices to build a diverse and authoritative link profile that drives organic traffic and improves your website’s visibility in search engine results.

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