Create and submit a robots.txt file
Create and submit a robots.txt file

Welcome to ClickSeoTools Robots.txt Generator Tool, a tool that would surely prove very useful to web admins in making their sites Googlebot-friendly. Essentially, what this free tool does is produce the robot.txt file.

Robots.txt Generator

Our Robots.txt Generator Tool has made the lives of webmasters easy by doing a complicated task on its own, and with just a few clicks of the mouse, this tool will generate a Googlebot-friendly robots.txt file.

Create and submit a robots.txt file 

This tool has a user-friendly interface, and you have the option to select which things should be included within the robots.txt file and which not. Here’s how you can make use of this SEO tool:

  • Choose whether you want all robots or just some robots to have access to your site’s files. All robots are allowed by default.
  • Choose how much delay there should be in the crawls. You can select your preferred option from 5 seconds to 120 seconds. By default, we have set it ‘no delay.’
  • If you have your site’s sitemap, then paste it here. Otherwise, you can proceed.
  • Select which bots can crawl your web and choose any bot you don’t want to crawl your site’s files.
  • The last step is to restrict directories. The path is relative to the root and must contain a trailing slash “/.”
  • After you have generated Googlebot friendly robots.txt file using our Robots.txt Generator Tool, it’s time to upload it to your site’s root directory.

Using the ClickSeoTools Robots.txt generator, webmasters can instruct any robots which records or files in your website’s root index should be crawled crept by the Googlebot. You can even pick which particular robot you need to enter your site’s index and confine different robots from doing likewise. You can also instruct which robot should get access to files from your site’s root catalog and which robot should get access to another file.

Robots.txt is an awesome tool for site owners, and it will make their lives much easier than before.

Google Search Console: How to Submit a Robots.txt in the New Version?

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