What Does a Content Writer Do?

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What Does a Content Writer Do?

11/12/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Content writer

What Does a Content Writer Do?


Freelancers and business websites alike probably look at the term “content writer” and think: what on earth is that? Business websites wonder why they would ever pay money for written content and freelancers wonder if they could actually earn just writing content.

After all, the title looks like it belongs to someone who can type paragraphs with his or her eyes closed, just to create “content.” Content is such a wide, vague word. The truth is, if a content writer were to be described, it would take a 500-word (or longer) article; just like this one. To put it simply, content writers are the key to website success.

3 Reasons Content Writers are Key to Website Success

Content Writers are Internet Research Experts

For a website to have credibility and worthwhile outbound links, the research that goes into it must come from credible, high-authority sources. A website’s resource of choice cannot be Wikipedia, even if that is where they start.

Good content writers know how to follow the virtual trail from one resource to another to find the data they need. They also know what statistics to look for that will back up the content, and know how to link to non-competitive resources.

Research slows down business owners who write for and update their own sites. Research takes time they could use for networking or promotion. It only makes sense to let content writers take care of that.

Content Writers Write Content

A tautology? Yes. But as any child attempting a classroom essay knows, well-written, organized, properly proofread content is not something that comes quickly to everyone. Content writers are able to take a topic, research it through, and then turn the data into organized content.

Good content writers are able to wade into data and pull the details into some kind of sense and structure. They are then able to create an article that uses these details to make the central point of the article. They are also able to make the article relevant to a business. This kind of structured thinking is crucial for good content.

Content Writers Optimize Content for SEO Purposes

Being able to research quickly and well, and organize ideas for well-written content, are both important skills for content writers to have. However, the best content writers are those who have the SEO skills needed to bring a webpage to the top of the search engine rankings.

Good content writers pay attention to focus keywords that help search engines find and index the content properly. They weave the keywords naturally into the overall content, without practicing bad SEO tactics like keyword-stuffing or bland filler content. They know where to place the keywords so that search engines find it easier to index the page.

Basically, content writers can not only write well-researched, structured content, they can make sure that the website’s message makes it those it is intended for. Basically, SEO makes sure that search engines become effective platforms for the website’s voice to be heard.

Content Writers: An Integral Part of Online Communication

Any website made has a message or central focus that it would like to present to the world. Whether it is an e-commerce site or a personal blog, the driver of each site is content. Content writers are the key to strong, authority ranking websites.