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Website grader

09/12/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

This is a great online service where you can test your site for free to see if everything is okay with it, what can be improved and what you should pay more attention too.

Professionals probably went through these sorts of checks, but for those who are only creating the page and are making sure everything is perfect, this would be a great thing to come to.

First you put in the website you want to check and you put in your mail.

Then, the website grader does its thing for about 10 seconds and next you get the results. It's a grade from 1-100 based on three categories: performance, mobile, SEO and security.

Performance is related to page optimization. You can increase traffic with this and generate better revenue too. Your page has to be pretty compressed in size because if it isn't, you'll have trouble loading it and people will be annoyed with what they are getting.

Next thing is page requests. You need to have as little as you can. It would be great if you could combine some files and then there wouldn't be that many requests.

Next, page loading. It should be under 3 seconds because people won't wait for it to load if they don't have the time so you'll be losing viewers.

Browser caching is next and it's graded by how well your local memory is managed. The software also checks compression and page redirects, all of these affect speed.

Render blocking is also important because it drastically changes the speed of your site.

The next portion of the test is mobile.

The software checks out is your site mobile friendly (responsive) and are you having a good viewport. This is all pretty important because a lot of traffic nowadays is made from phones and android/iOS users.

Next portion of the test is SEO. You have to make sure you headings, page titles and meta's are all in place and doing what they are meant to.

Page titles are checked because they should be shorter than 70 characters and words should not repeat.

Meta description is checked and headings too.

Next, sitemap is being checked out because navigation is very important. If people can't navigate on the site easily, they often get annoyed and leave.

Last, security is being checked and the software looks for SSL certificates that protect your website.

In the end, the software gives you a list of things you should do to make your site better. It shows you how much you should improve it and gives you tips on it.

Overall, this software is excellent because it is free, fast, clear and does a great job at helping those who are not as professional and as into it as someone who has been in the industry for a long time.

However, this software is also used by professionals after they make a redesigning or something similar. They like to see if things are still intact in the field of performance.