Toilet paper problem in software development

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Toilet paper problem in software development

11/04/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Softwer problems

Toilet paper problem in software development

I received a call from one of my client last night at 11 PM stating that, “I am sorry to disturb you so late  but urgency of the work force me to do so. The thing is we need to accelerate on the Complain Management System project as ASAP as tomorrow morning and I need this to be delivered within one and half month.” Now this came as big surprise to me because, if I would put minimum of five team members together then also the project require minimum of two and half month to complete.

I requested him that this is not possible as we were already chasing you since last two months to initiate the project but we were not getting any response and suddenly how we can start the project from very next morning and complete the project in one and half month? I told him, “you are also aware that it need at least a week to begin the project and the duration required to complete the project is necessary to deliver you the best product. The final reply from the client was, please look into this as an urgent project and provide me the deadline to deliver. Now the cost does not matter to us, we are ready to pay 20-30% extra for delivery within our deadline.

Now I call this “Toilet Paper Problem”. Last time when we visit the toilet, we see that the roll is about to end and we need this replaced but we forget as other most important things are there in the world to complete. Next day when we are on natures call and we finish with it we realize that there is not toilet paper and we are stuck. Similarly, when client have a requirement he thinks that lets hold this and we will proceed when urgency is there and he holds. Later, when he realizes that he is in mess and he cannot get ahead with this he runs to get this done ASAP.

I usually request following with the clients:

  • Calculate your requirement and deadline for the delivery.
  • Evaluation of your requirement with time line is important. Therefore keep margin for testing, change request and delivery date so that you have a product ready with which you are fully satisfied.
  • Don’t rush at last moment.

These points can provide a ease to the clients when they choose the vendor and I trust these timely evaluation will provide them a product for which they can feel proud of.