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11/04/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Spy keyword


One of the most exciting SEO tools on the market is so called "spy tool", which gives essential and valuable pieces of information to its users with a focus on their business competition and how to find out about their marketing campaigns.

The easiest way to describe this tool is to say that it "spies" on your business rivals,  tracking which keywords and ads they have and use, in order to get more customers and reach a more significant number of people online.

It enables companies to get the PPC and SEO keyword data from all the most prominent search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It means that it covers an extensive range of data to look from.

Mainly holding a database of almost 100 million keywords and practically 50 million domains, this tool gives its users great insight into current keyword and their strength.

The primary basis of this tool lies in studying the competition and earning more traffic by upgrading the user's knowledge on essential keywords, their use and ads the keywords are related to.

To help to expand SEO keyword list on their websites, this tool enables companies to find the most relevant keywords currently used by their rivals and add the keywords to their site.

Why is PPC keyword research so great? Because it identifies industry specific keywords, including long-tail, and fixes campaigns strictly around the chosen ones.

As another benefit, it helps companies to find out which ads of their competitors were successful and gained them profit.

This helps in making a marketing plan with similar ads, now that they've learned they are undoubtedly a success and this makes it easier to develop a marketing plan.

This tool also gives a fascinating insight into how much money companies monthly spend on Adwords. This allows you to compare your business and your marketing budget with other companies.

It also has a few pricing models, paid on a monthly basis, which will help you gain more visits for a reasonable price.

This tool has excellent features especially practical on an annual basis due to the lower license fee.

The greatest thing about this kind of tool is that it provides many features as similar more expensive tools on the web, but it is considerably much less costly on a longterm basis than other.

One of its best sides is the fact that it has so many great features, so companies don't need to look out for additional third party tools.