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Google Analytics

08/18/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Google Analytics is one of the most popular free web analytics services. As the name says, it is offered and developed by Google which ensures excellent quality of performance.

This web tool tracks traffic on websites and shows reports about it to its users with valuable data of performance.

It is the most used analytics tool on the Internet, and a part of its popularity lies in the fact that Google also developed Google Analytics for Mobile Apps which is essential in today's modern world where most people use mobile phones as their main gadget.

The primary intention of this tool is to give its users a review of their online campaigns and traffic by tracking sales, views on a specific page, or the number of downloads.

It also gives data about how many visitors visited the site and where did they come from (both geographical and referrers), how long they have stayed on the site and more.

Google Analytics also tracks e-commerce sites, so it gives valuable information about transactions, revenue, and other significant business data.

One of the most intriguing features of Google Analytics is the fact that it can show data about visitors in real time, at that exact moment when they visit the site.

Users of this tool often emphasize the high quality and functionality of Google Analytics because it summarizes data on understandable but perfected dashboards from where users can get various types of reports.

Google Analytics is a unique web tool because it offers a lifetime free package for individuals and very low pricing for more significant enterprises. This way if payment makes this tool the most approachable.

The benefits of using this platform are many, but the most mentioned are: it helps you understand visitors on your site and find out more about the reasons why they visited your website. It can even help you understand how to get them to return to your site again.

This data helps you optimize your advertising campaign and engage you in activities which benefit the growth of your business.

It also helps you to analyze your content and make improvements in that area.

Google Analytics helps you in managing your budget in a right way because it chooses functional practices over unhelpful practices.