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MOZ'S Open Site Explorer

08/10/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

MOZ, better known as Mozscape, has made a very powerful tool called Open Site Explorer. This software is used to research backlinks, give suggestions and find opportunities for improvement, discover links that may be sabotaging your site.

It is very simple to use. To begin with, you go to the online software page and you find the search bar where you put in the URL that has to be looked through.

This is where your job ends and where MOZ does the rest. First the software will crawl through the whole URL finding errors, searching for metrics and so on.

First thing you get to see is metrics. You get to know your spam score, your rank of domain authority and page authority, you get to know how many discoveries your page had. You can see how many established links you have, how many root domains.

You get to filter the results to see them based on the content of your page, subdomain, root domain and so on. You can see imbound links with their stats.

There is quite some things you get to know like: total number of internal links, external links, follow and no follow links, number of unique root domains.

You get graded on the MozTrust scale which goes from 1 to 10 and lets you know how trustworthy your site is.

You can see the number of domains with 1 or more dollowed link to any page on the root domain.

MOZ's software doesn't go through Top-Level Domains so if you want to check out the .agency, .fashion, .paris sites it won't be available.

It's important to know what to do with the information you get too. You have to research the links that refer to your site and you have to identify the type of content they put up.

You have to discover errors so you correct your site and increase your points on the trustworthy scale. You get to research the link data of people ranking better then you and you can implement some of the things they do to get as big as them.

If you wish, you can compare the metrics of a few different sites and you get to know how well you are doing. Many do this once a month so they have an idea of how much they are growing and how well have they been developing.