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What Does a Content Writer Do?

  Freelancers and business websites alike probably look at the term “content writer” and think: what on earth is that? Business websites wonder why they would ever pay money for written content and freelancers wonder if they could actually earn just writing content. After all, the title looks like it belongs to someone who can type paragraphs with his or her eyes closed, just to create “content.” Content is such a wide, vague word. The truth is, if a content writer were to be described, it would take a...
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3 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer for Business Growth

  Start-up businesses with physical stores and a website, for small and medium enterprises who want to extend their reach through the web, and e-commerce sites all have the same problem sooner or later. How can they make sure their sites will rank well in search engines and lead to conversions? These are good reasons for hiring content writers. To individuals used to one- or two-liner ads, they may consider article content as website fillers. However, good content draws organic traffic to the site, increases search engine rankings, and...
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